camilla wellton a/w 09

Flower Queen jacket

Elegant, feminine, avant garde-ish fitted jacket with high "Queen" collar and petal like double sleeve. Shoulderseams moved to the back.

Inseams hidden and arranged in Art Nouveau inspired patterns in the back.

Flower Queen coat

Elegant, feminine, avant garde-ish mid-calf long coat with high "Queen" collar, wide skirt and petal-like double sleeve.


Chosen and loved by Swedish singer-songwriter Frida Hyvönen, featured in Dazed and Confused (UK), Zoot Magazine (Portugal) and acclaimed by Italian fashion journalist Anna Battista. The Kimonoat has received quite a bit of attention.

Beautiful kimono inspired semifitted coat. Mid thigh length, with kimono sleeves and a stylized obi like belt in the back

Urban Elfin coat

Urban chic meets the woods in this kneelength high waisted coat.

Empire Coat

Turn of the XIXth century inspired coat with dramatic high collar. Aristocratic yet urban relaxed. Fitted around waist.

Flower Coat

Elegant, feminine, kneelength and high waisted coat with "corsage" collar. Slight flare.

Shoulderseams, sideseams and inseams hidden and arranged in Art Nouveau inspired patterns in the back.

The Dakini Coat

Simple, classic, elegant yet very much its own: The Dakini Coat. Large width on skirt part combined with a bodicelike top part gives a distinct queenlike feeling to the wearer of this coat.

Kimono style overlapping front fastened with invisible push buttons on inside and at side Tie ribbon at back.

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