EUROPAN 10 Tallin



The design includes shore of Talin, by the Linnhall, UNESCO Monument. The main assupmtion was to create a public space accessible at any time and weather conditions. Nhe 'New City Centre' is connected with an old city by a long bridge, with beggining in the barbacane. The main 'floral' shape of the volumes and roofs was derived from the urba grid of the old city. As the site has a great potential we wanted to use it to maximum, but keeping in mind the dominant - Linnhall. The idea of connection of the old monument was taken from the nature: as the old buildings are getting grown by the greenery, in the same way the bridge is 'attatched' to the Linnhall. The new public city cetre was supposed to bring attantion to the site, but in the same time should not be competitive to the Linnhall. The composition consists of a volumes intended for shop, cafes and galleries (also public toilets are included in the plan).
The floral shape made it possible to create winding bicycle and pedestrian routes. As all roofs are accessible for the people, the same time enlargin usage area. Also underground fish market is projected with elevator connection for suppliers and capable people.

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