Roundabout competition in Warsaw

IDEA: Apparently, disordered looking cubes situated on the roundabout create a word ZWOLNIJ (slow down) while being approached. The message, visible only in a certain distance from the island, is supposed to make the drivers avare of the possible danger of the high speed.
Project can be applied to all 8 roundabouts on the high speed road in Warsaw, with the usage of different messages.
MATERIALS: coloured reinforced concrete

Project is a propositin of an application order in the connection of the roundabouts situated along the ring road. Numerical instalation will catch attention during the day, while at night will illuminate the sky by a light from xenon reflectors which form a specific number (depending on the roundabout) on the clouds, visible from a big distance. This endeavour is supposed to help the drivers to locate themselves on their way. Usage of different materials will help to distinguish following islands and will also enrich the composition.
MATERIAL PROPOSED: wood, steel, concrete, grass
in cooperation with graphvic

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